The Piper Classic is a tournament that started in the 1983-84 season and has been run by John Taylor Collegiate for 37 years. It was started by staff members at John Taylor and been very successful due to staff and student volunteers, community support and sponsorship by local businesses. It has mainly attracted teams from Manitoba, Northern Ontario as well as the Northern US.

The Tournament of Champions was started by the executive of the Winnipeg High School Hockey League. The inaugural Tournament of Champions took place in 1997 and continued until 2007. The TOC originated as an invite only tournament and started by selecting the top 4 City teams and the very best High School Teams from all of Canada and the Northern US. Some prominent teams included Shattuck St. Mary’s, Calgary’s Edge, Saskatchewan’s Notre Dame and Nova Scotia’s King’s Edgehill. Only three teams from the WHSHL have ever won this prestigious tournament.